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The Spheres 05:18
Composer: Ola Gjeilo Lyrics: Kyrie Eleison.
Sleep 05:16
Composer: Eric Whitacre Lyrics: The evening hangs beneath the moon A silver thread on darkened dune With closing eyes and resting head I know that sleep is coming soon Upon my pillow safe in bed A thousand pictures fill my head I cannot sleep, my mind's aflight And yet my limbs seem made of lead If there are noises in the night A frightening shadow Flickering light Then I surrender unto sleep Where clouds of dream give second sight What dreams may come, dark and deep Of flying wings and soaring leap? As I surrender unto sleep As I surrender unto sleep As I surrender unto sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep
Nox Aurumque 05:50
Composer: Eric Whitacre Lyrics: Aurum, (Gold) Infuscatum noctis, (Tarnished and dark) Canens noctis, (Singing of night) Canens mortis, (Singing of death) Acquiscens canendo... (Singing itself to sleep...) Et angelum somnit aurorarum et bellorum, (And an angel dreams of dawnings and of war) Saecluorum aurorum fund it lacrimas, (She weeps tears of the golden times) Lacras rerun bellorum. (Tears of the cost of war.) O arma! (O Shield) O Lamina Aurata! (O gilded blade) Gestu graves nimium, (You are to heavy to carry) Graves nimium volatu. (Too heavy for flight) Aurum, (Gold) Imfuscatum et torpidum (Tarnished and weary) Suscita! (Awaken) Dilabere ex armis in alam! (Melt from weapon into wing) Volemus iterum, (Let us soar again) Alte supra murum; (High above this wall) Angeli renascentes et exultantes ad alas (Angels reborn and rejoicing) Auroraraum, (Of dawn) Aurorum, (Of gold) Somnorum. (Of dream) Aurum, (Gold) Canens alarum, (Singing of wings) Canens umbrarum... (Singing of shadows.)
Composer: Vytautas Miskinis Lyrics: Angelis suis Deus mandavit te, ut custodiant te in omnibus viis tuis; in manibus portabunt te, ne unquam offendas ad lapidem pedem tuum.
Mosella 02:19
Composer: William Hawley Lyrics: Quis color ille vadis, seras cum propulit umbras Hesperus et viridi perfudit monte Mosellam! tota natant crispis iuga motibus et tremit absens pampinus et vitreis vindemia turget in undis. Ausonius (310 - 395 A.D.) What color that shoal, with the late shadows banished by Hesperus, and verdure filling the hills of the Moselle! Everything floats, rippling together in motion, as the distant vine-leaf trembles, and the grape swells in the glittering water.
Te Vigilans 02:21
Composer: William Hawley Lyrics: Te vigilans oculis, animo te nocte requiro, victa iacent solo cum mea membra toro. vidi ego me tecum falsa sub imagine somni: somnia tu vinces, si mihi vera venis. Petronius Arbiter (20? - 66 A.D.) My eyes watch for you, by night my soul desires you, alone and overcome, my limbs tossing in bed. I have seen myself with you, in the imagination of sleep: in dreams you appear... if only you would truly come to me.
Composer: John Tavener Lyrics: They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them. When you go home, tell them of us and say: For your tomorrow, we gave our today.
Composer: René Clausen Solo: Francoise Kably and Nicolet Goedhart Tonight eternity alone sets a modified verse of the poem ‘Dusk at Sea’ by Thomas S Jones in the composer’s trademark neo-romantic language, and captures a feeling of contented solitude in a vast empty space. Lyrics: Tonight eternity alone is near, the sunset, and the darkening blue, there is no space for fear, only the wonder of its truth.
Alleluia 08:33
Composer: Eric Whiacre Solo: Francoise Kably and Nicolet Goedhart Lyrics: Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia
Composer: Eric Whitacre Note from the composer: Dr. Ronald Staheli, more than any other conductor I have ever worked with, understands my music. He is that rare musician who discovers more music in the music than the composer even realized was there. So when I received the Barlow Commission to write a work for his amazing choir, I knew it had to be something special. The previous year Ron had recorded my Water Night, and his recording is, in my opinion, the quintessential performance of that piece. He seemed to find such powerful beauty in the rests, empty moments that became electric in his hands, so as I set out to write When David Heard I decided that my first and most principal musical motive would be silence. The text, one single, devastating sentence, is from the King James Bible; II Samuel, 18:33: When David heard that Absalom was slain he went up into his chamber over the gate and wept, my son, my son, O Absalom my son, would God I had died for thee! Setting this text was such a lonely experience, and even now just writing these words I am moved to tears. I wrote maybe 200 pages of sketches, trying to find the perfect balance between sound and silence, always simplifying, and by the time I finished a year later I was profoundly changed. Older, I think, and quieted a little. I still have a hard time listening to the recording. When David Heard was commissioned by the Barlow Endowment for the Arts for the Brigham Young Singers, and is dedicated with love and silence to Dr. Ronald Staheli. When David Heard received its premiere on March 26, 1999. Lyrics: When David heard that Absalom was slain He went up into his chamber over the gate and wept And thus he said; My son, my son O Absalom my son Would God I had died for thee!


The ego. That part of us that separates us form the light. A product of the mind creating duality as far as it can reach, because duality is what gives the ego it's right to exist. That battle, the back and forth between wholeness and separation, is the game of life we're all playing.

This field of tension is what this CD represents. We composed choral pieces of two programs Kwintessens performed in 2012: 'As I Surrender' and 'O Morgenstern'

Music by the American composer Eric Whitacre (1970) tells the struggle by angels to rid the gold of her egoism. In addition, Whitacre's 'Alleluia' and the impressive 'When David heard' are pieces reflecting the human struggle with torment.

Noteworthy are also the two works of William Hawley (1950) for 16 voices. The first piece is in major, the second in minor. Sang with transparant voices, using the lyrics of Decimus Magnus Ausonius (4th century) Hawley treats us with poetic music reflecting on the same theme of light and darkness.

'Exhortation and Kohima' from John Tavener (1944) is based on the text used in commemorations of 'those who have fallen'. Tavener magisterial uses a double-choir to climb finto heaven using an echo on the earthly main choir.

This and more beautiful music can be heard on this record. Tis CD is a dedication to the path of surrender. It will invite you to face your own ego, look it straight into the eye's and surrender. Because if we dear to surrender, the illusion becomes clear and the ego falls.


released December 1, 2012


all rights reserved



Chamber Choir Kwintessens The Hague, Netherlands

Chamber Choir Kwintessens was founded in the Netherlands in 2005. Settled in The Hague, the Dutch Choir consists of 24 passionated singers. Committed to mostly contemporary music the choir has collected a large repertoire, serving its audience with more then only beautiful music. The choir stands out for creating an experience that touches the soul.
Founder & conductor: Raoul Boesten
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